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  • Welcome to Thande Precision Engineering Today is:
    Product Class
    ·Welding system
    ·Shift device
    ·Cooling Motor
    ·Door Lock
    ·Plastic parts assembly line
    ·Shake window motor
    ·Cooling Motor Line
    ·Seat assembly line
    Electronics Industry
    Appliance industry
    Logistics transportation industry
    Other industries
    Contact:Mr. Zou 13915506380
    Add:22 Clock Tower Road,Mudu town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou
    Tel: 86-512-66252071
           86-512- 66389652
    Fax: 86-512-66256271
    Products Home >> Products
    Sensors Welding
    Capacitor Welding
    Pole and thermal protector welding
    Door Micro Switch Welding
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