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  • Welcome to Thande Precision Engineering Today is:
    Product Class
    Electronics Industry
    Appliance industry
    Logistics transportation industry
    Other industries
    Contact:Mr. Zou 13915506380
    Add:22 Clock Tower Road,Mudu town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou
    Tel: 86-512-66252071
           86-512- 66389652
    Fax: 86-512-66256271
    About us
        Sande precision machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful garden village—Suzhou Mudu. It is a professional supplier in designing, manufacturing, setting and debugging nonstandard automatic engineering system.Our business fields have contained automotive accessories, electric appliances, communication equipments, electronics, logistic equipments and etc.    We keep “innovation, better work, high-effective, excellent management, development, step by step” as our guide line; “No.1 quality, quick service, customer satisfaction” as our idea. We have made rapid progress since now Brose, Continental, Valeo, Panasonic, Bosch, Siemens, Pr...
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